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Vertere Kabel


Hand-built Analogue Interconnect Cable
Pulse hand-built cable is designed to ‘preserve’ the analogue signal from source to amplifier. For this purpose the different ‘types’ of signal are handled through bespoke internal conductor designs providing unsurpassed performance at each level.


Bring your home A/V and Hi-Fi to life with D-Fi analogue interconnects. The results speak for themselves – music, movies and even general TV programs have never sounded so good. Enjoy clear dialogue, commentary and music programmes like never before with lifelike dynamics and finest musical performance.

PULSE D-Fi Computer Audio

Listening to music on computers, mobile devices and phones anytime, anywhere has never been so good.
Simply chose the termination you require to hook up your computer, pocketsize DAC/Headphone Amp, high‐end DAC and take their performance to an unbelievable level.

PULSE D-Fi Headphone

Any headphone with detachable cable can benefit by replacing its cable with the D-Fi headphone cable. Simply check the terminations and if they are 2.5mm, 3.5mm or 6.35mm Jacks then you could be in business. Alternatively, contact your Vertere/D-Fi retailer or Vertere directly to discuss if an upgrade cable is available for your make and model of headphones.

PULSE D-Fi iPod & MP3

It’s a little-known fact that the headphone jack output of iDevices can give better audio quality than the docking connector. The headphone jack is designed for audio output, while the connector is compromised by handling power and charging alongside the music’s delicate signals. Breath-taking performance from mobile devices, home computers and AV systems.

PULSE D-Fi Loudspeaker

Loudspeakers are effectively your monitoring devices which indicate how good the rest of the system is working. Connect them with D-Fi loudspeaker cable to enhance their performance and let more of the music through. Enrich detail, clarity, dynamics and musical performance.


Analogue Interconnect Cable
Pulse-B is derived from the hand-built Pulse Interconnect Cable and follows the same design principles, preserving the essence of the analogue audio signal. Two versions are available: Pulse-B Reference and Pulse-B Standard.


Analogue Interconnect Cable Pulse-C, in line with Pulse-R and Pulse-B, is developed from and based on our remarkable hand-built Pulse. Pulse-C cable is fully shielded and utilises five independent conductors per channel ensuring optimum musical performance, clarity and life-like dynamics.


Analogue Loudspeaker Cable
Pulse-X design follows the same unique principles as the Pulse interconnects, but operating at much higher voltages and currents. Innovative conductor design and signal shielding make Pulse-X the ideal connection between amplifier and loudspeaker. Two versions are available: Pulse-X Reference and Pulse-X Standard.